Dear TAs and RAs,

▪ Do you know your rights and responsibilities as an employee and all issues regarding your contracts?

▪ Are you seeking an environment to discuss any challenges you are facing in your job with your union and other colleagues?

We are organizing a workshop every semester for employed students as TAs and/or RAs at Concordia University with collaboration of GradProSkill to make sure all new TAs and RAs know the basics about their employment and union.

GPTK795 - Concordia TA and RA Essentials
▪ Friday, October 28, 2016, 10:00 - 12:30, SGW-H629
Don't worry if you missed the first one as there is another one offered in the Winter semester. However, we strongly encourage you to register for the earliest one so that you know your rights and opportunities earlier.
▪ Tuesday, February 07, 2017, 10:00 - 12:30, SGW-H611
For more information and registration please click HERE!

Annual General Meeting!

TRAC is calling all members to come together for a General Assembly. The agenda will include:

- Presenting the conclusion of an investigation committee

- Report of Bargaining process

- Proposal of the budget plan for 2016-2017

- Report of the actual budget for 2015-2016

This is an extremely important General Assembly, as the result of TRAC finance audit for the previous year's budget will be reported by auditors. We encourage all of our members to join us once more in this meeting and make the General Assembly as great as past two years.

When: November 03,2016 at 5:00 PM

Where: John Molson School of Business 10.121

Registration will begin at 4:30 pm. In order to ensure this happens in a timely and fair manner, all attendees must be TRAC members in good standing and must bring the following to demonstrate this:

1. A hard copy of your most recent pay stub or contract
2. Your Concordia student identification card

If you were a member of TRAC as of November 03, 2015 and are still a current student at Concordia, you may attend the General Assembly.

The RALLY in support of the 15$ minimum wage Campaign!

Continuing the supportive actions for the aim of a 15$ minimum wage for all the workers, there will be rally on Saturday, October 15th.

The Old-port union decided to continue striking. It’s been a while that this union is on strike and all other unions, including TRAC have been in support of them so to get theirs and every single workers’ right as to be able to afford their minimum expenses. 
Join us and other student union sections to support this campaign in solidarity. The schedule for the rally is given below. In addition, TRAC will provide the transportation ticket for all the members who are going to join us for this great cause.

Email us at : by not later than October 14th at 12 PM, if you intend to participate and need the transportation fair.

Schedule of the rally:

10:30 Press briefing 
11:00 Rally 
11:30 The march starts. 
12:30 End of march and closing event.

Meeting Place:

Parc le Prévost 
Ave. Chritophe-Colomb and Rue Jean-Talon, 
Between metro stations Jean-Talon and Fabre

Result of the September 14, 2016 ratification GA



- 100% approval for the RA's pay-grades 1% increase 

- 98% approval for the TA's pay-grades 1% increase 

- 98% approval for the TA's new pay-grade's structure


Thanks to all of those great delegates and active members who helped us in 2015-2016.
This achievement is yours! The union couldn't reach there, if it didn't have such an amazing support from you guys.

Thanks to all the Bargaining and Executive team of TRAC! All those tiring 8-hours meetings and strategy plans finally paid off.

And the last but not the least, thanks to all the members who joined our GA today and stayed right beside us to wrap up this section of TRAC together.

As we always say, the power of a union is the members. The union can do nothing without the membership support and no matter how hard the team works, a union without the membership support is like a tree with out the roots! It will fall down soon! Let's keep it as strong as it is, and make it even bigger and heavier.

Congrats to all TAs and RAs

CALL TO GA for ratifying the NEW pay-grades!

Dear TAs and RAs, 
After 12 months of intensive negotiations over pay-grades, we are there now to present the results to our members and we are proud to say that the results meet the goals:

- No disparity 
- No Cut 
- Raise

In pay-grades.

Now it's your turn to come to the GA and settle the great result of our bargaining team's hard work.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY to ratify the new pay-grades plus a big party after the GA. What a great start for the new year, more money and party!!! Join us on September 14th, finish the job and

receive the tickets to the after GA party.

Time: September 14, 2016 at 5pm.

Location: Henry F. Hall Building, 1455 De Maisonneuve W., H-767

In Solidarity, 
TRAC Executive and bargaining team

Great support from TRAC members in the General Assembly!

May we take this opportunity to say thank you to all those TRAC members who participated in the General assembly held on April 12. We really appriciate your active and vast participation. It was pretty great to see more than a hundred members coming and staying to the end, although it took more than four and half hours.

We would like to thank all those members who used their voting right. We also sincerely thank each of the candidates for their initiative in standing for the election, and special thanks to all those active members who helped the union in planning and organizing the GA. It would be impossible without them!

Election Results:

All the current executive committee members were re-elected for the year 2016-17:

President – Nader Jafari Nodoushan 
Vice-President – Meysam Salari 
Secretary-Treasurer – Parmida Atighechian 
Grievance Officer – Gounash Pirniya 
Communications and Mobilization Officer – Mandana Rezaee 
Bargaining Officer – Mohammad Langari 
Invigilators' Grievance Officer – Mario Iorio

We are proud to have served as your executive committee and appreciate your votes of confidence. We know that having your strong support will be of great comfort to us and will motivate us to continue to serve as your voice, but seven of us can't do it alone!

We would like to encourage more of you to get involved. A union such as TRAC is only as vibrant as its members make it. Please come and support your union more actively over the coming year. 
We very much look forward to seeing you in different events and working with you.

To see the GA minutes  please click here



General Assembly

TRAC is calling all members to come together for the first General Assembly of 2016.

When: Tuesday, April 12th at 5:00 pm 
Where: Hall Building, 7th floor, H-763

To view GA agenda click here.

TRAC 2016-17 Executive Nomination

Be a part of TRAC's Future. Run for an Executive Position.

All complete nominations must be submitted to by Tuesday April 5th at 5:00 pm. No nominations shall be accepted after this time.

There are seven open positions on the TRAC 2016-17 Executive Team: 
1. President 
2. Vice-President 
3. Secretary-Treasurer 
4. Representation and Grievance Officer 
5. Communication and Mobilization Officer 
6. Bargaining Officer 
7. Invigilators' Grievance Officer

To see a list of their responsibilities please click here
This team will take office on June 1, 2016 and will fulfil their duties until May 31, 2017.

To know about the nomination procedure and read the full article click here.


Our bargaining team met with Concordia University March 22nd, 2016
to continue negotiations for our first collective agreement for exam invigilators.

We are happy to say we have reached agreement on a number of articles,
including recognition of the important role played by invigilators at the university
and a clear process for resolving grievances and to arbitration in a timely manner.

We spent considerable time discussing abuse of authority and disciplinary
. These remain significant issues for invigilators and we continue to
call for processes that ensure the University is acting fairly.

We are still seeking adequate and accessible Union office space and access
to bulletin boards to be able to share important information with invigilators.

We will be back at the bargaining table April 28th. We will continue to advocate
for better working conditions for invigilators. We would love to hear from you!

We will update you as things progress. If you have any questions or comments,
speak with a member of our bargaining team.

Our Bargaining Team:
Sonia Afrin, Eileen Chan, Mario Iorio, Yoana Turnin, Erin Sirett, and PSAC Negotiator
We can be reached at or 613-324-5634.

To access .pdf document click here.