Bylaws Committee Position

After 3 years of working, TRAC needs to review its current bylaws and regulations and change it if needed. There are 2 open positions for members to work on this in the committee. Work includes a review of our current bylawas and regulations, find its drawbacks, and a research on bylaws and regulations of other unions.

Interest in union work is needed!

You can find our current bylaws and regulations here.

For more information and apply, contact

TRAC New Logo Design Contest

We are in search of a new logo for TRAC. If you are interested in graphic design, help your union to have a great new logo and stand a chance to win a prize.

The contest is open to all TRAC members and the winning design will be used as the new official TRAC logo .The winner will also win a $200 gift card.

These information can be used inside the logo: 

- PSAC Local 12500 


- Teaching and Research Assistant at Concordia 


- TRAC is PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) local 12500. It's a plus if your designed logo has some similarity in color or design with PSAC logo. Here is PSAC logo:


If you would like to know more about PSAC, watch this video.

Submission deadline is August 31. For more information and to submit your work, contact

Update on Negotiations

Concordia has reached our president, Nader Jafari Nodoushan, and requested to forget Concordia's first proposal of the pay grades and to be back on the negotiation table.

"We are going to have a cooperative environment between the employee and the employer at Concordia University. However, we care about the value of our members' job as TA or RA and we are strongly standing against any loss of salary." President Nader Jafari Nodoushan said.

TAs and RAs, Do you want cut on your pay grades?

As you know, we are currently on the negotiation table for the new TA/RA pay-grades with Concordia. Concordia's first proposal is completely unacceptable, up to 43% cut on our pay-grades. We are standing against any proposal that results in such a loss of salary. We need to be together, as a united, more than ever and we have to fight back for the value of our jobs.

The Executive Committee would update you as the negotiations move forward. TRAC has planned to have lunch gathering in different departments and faculties to update and listen to you more.

Keep an eye on our future emails and Facebook page updates

National Public Service Week: Respect our rights!

The government’s National Public Service Week is June 14-20, 2015. The national week is supposed to recognize the importance of federal public service employees and celebrate their service to Canadians. Meanwhile, this government is gutting public services and trampling on our rights.

Through the recent budget implementation bill (C-59), the government intends to take away our Charter right to free collective bargaining.

Let’s use National Public Service Week to send a strong message about the need for respect:

Respect for our rights!

Respect for the Charter!

Respect for our contracts!

Respect for quality public services!

The Bargaining Team Meets with Management Thursday May 28

The Bargaining Team Meets with Management Thursday May 28 and TRAC members sent them to the table with tons of support and goodwill.
Over 100 members crowded into the 11th floor of the EV building Monday evening to meet with the Executive and Bargaining teams as they prepare to secure wages that recognize the value of TRAC members' contribution to making Concordia an education destination of choice.

You can see the photos on Facebook.

We will be providing updates as negotiations move forward as we are able. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us at

In solidarity,
TRAC Executive Team

TRAC Spring Party - May 25


Before We Bargain, We Party!


All TRAC members (All TAs and RAs at Concordia) are invited to attend our first social event of the year. TRAC is now back on the road and it's our pleasure to be more than sure about the goals for the coming year to serve you best!

We are going back to the negotiations table with management in the coming days and this time there will be one sole item on the agenda:

Fair wages for TRAC members!

In this era of large budget cuts, this will likely be a very tough round of negotiations, which is why we need TRAC members to come together and act as a united front to Concordia. Nothing will help the Bargaining Team, more than to know they are backed by all members of TRAC!


Food and soft drinks will be provided

WHERE: EV Building - 11th floor lounge

WHEN: 6-8pm Monday May 25th


​Registration is on a first come, first served basis and SPACE IS LIMITED!

You must reserve your spot by filling out the registration form here.



The over 100 members who packed into the General Assembly Monday March 16 heard from an impressive slate of candidates. Thanks to everybody who put their name forth, your commitment and willingness to engage speaks well for the future of our union. We look forward to seeing you at future events and hope you will join the new Executive Team as they go about securing the best possible workplace conditions for all members.

Without further ado here are the members of the 2015-16 Executive Team as voted by the General Assembly of March 16 2015 along with their TRAC e-mails.