TRAC Spring Party - May 25


Before We Bargain, We Party!


All TRAC members (All TAs and RAs at Concordia) are invited to attend our first social event of the year. TRAC is now back on the road and it's our pleasure to be more than sure about the goals for the coming year to serve you best!

We are going back to the negotiations table with management in the coming days and this time there will be one sole item on the agenda:

Fair wages for TRAC members!

In this era of large budget cuts, this will likely be a very tough round of negotiations, which is why we need TRAC members to come together and act as a united front to Concordia. Nothing will help the Bargaining Team, more than to know they are backed by all members of TRAC!


Food and soft drinks will be provided

WHERE: EV Building - 11th floor lounge

WHEN: 6-8pm Monday May 25th


​Registration is on a first come, first served basis and SPACE IS LIMITED!

You must reserve your spot by filling out the registration form here.