TRAC General Meeting 9th September 2015

After around a year and half with full of problems finally TRAC is coming back in its right way with more power by full support of its members. TAs and RAs were united in their general meeting, for three hours and half, debating important resolutions resulted in the most important decissions of the union and their political work. President Nader Jafari Nodoushan said

"Now that our memebrs showed their support one more time by attending the general meeting and playing role in the most significant decissions of their union, we are all backing the bargaining comittee to bargain much stronger."

Some highlights from the general meeting:

  • Ongoing Bargaining with Concordia
  • Invigilators Bargaining Unit under TRAC
  • Budget Plan for 2015-2016 year
  • Laber Relation Update
  • Merging the TA and RA Collective Agreements
  • Election of Mobilization Officer​


​Meeting Minutes of the meeting is available here.