We all are incredibly happy that TRAC is more known and recognizable as a university sector among unions now, and this couldn't be achieved without all the efforts in finding more and more ways to publicize and fight for what we all want. Your unbelievable support in the General Meeting and all the tablings made the dream of growing stronger one step closer to reality and was the only inspiration for us.

We are now here to celebrate all these sweet things together, and thank you all for your care and effort as we say GoodBYE to FALL and GREETING WINTER with planing for new and bigger goals. Join us once more, hear about the updates, share your concerns, have some refreshments and food and on top of all chill out together!

Please register for the Party HERE.


HIVE Café, Hall Building- Mezzanine (2nd Floor)


October 28, at 6:00 pm