TRAC executive committee members for year 2017-18:

President – Alexandre St-Onge-Perron

Vice-President Natalie Greenberg

Secretary-Treasurer – Mandana Rezaee 

Grievance Officer – Jeremy Tessier

Bargaining Officer – Gonzalo Quintana Zunino 

Communications and Mobilization Officer – Eunbyul Park 

Invigilators' Grievance Officer – Mario Iorio



The Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia (TRAC) is a labour union local comprising the teaching assistants and research assistants at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebéc.


TRAC is Directly Chartered Local 12500 of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, a national union that represents more than 170,000 workers in every province and territory in Canada as well as locations around the world. Our members work for federal government departments and agencies, Crown Corporations, universities, casinos, community services agencies, Aboriginal communities, airports, and the security sector among others. PSAC is headquartered in Ottawa with 23 regional offices across Canada.  You can find more information about PSAC on the PSAC web site.


TRAC is local of a labour union.  As a labour union, the main function of TRAC is to negotiate working conditions and pay rates, and to defends the labour rights of TRAC members under the Collective Agreements.  In support of these core functions, TRAC engages in research about our members’ working conditions and working conditions of people similarly employed, communicates information to members regarding their working conditions and other employment related matters, mobilizes members to engender solidarity and community, and provides advocacy and grievance services to members whose rights have not been respected by the employer.


More broadly, the goals of TRAC are to study, protect, and develop the professional, socioeconomic, cultural, and political interests of its members and workers in general.  Together we promote values of social solidarity, equity, tolerance and sharing to build a fairer society free of discrimination, violence, oppression and exploitation, a society that makes it possible to ensure that everyone develops to their fullest.  TRAC works in tandem with other unions and employee associations, student groups and associations, and campus and community groups, to advance these goals and values.



All teaching assistants and research assistants employed by Concordia University are members of TRAC.  Since contracts for these positions are of a relatively short duration, membership is also extended to anyone with a promise of employment as a teaching or research assistant (such as in a letter of offer), and to anyone who has held a contract within the last calendar year, if they reasonably expect to be able to be rehired as a teaching or research assistant.


TRAC is “member driven” – meaning members directly participate in and make decisions for the local.  Members can participate in many ways, as members of the Labour Council, as members of committees, and by participating in social events and mobilization activities, attending information sessions and workshops, and completing polls and surveys.


The day-to-day work operations of the local, including administrative, advocacy, and communications, is handled by the TRAC Executive Committee.  Negotiations are pursued by the Bargaining Committee.  To get in touch with members of these committees, check the contact page.


The members as a whole are the General Assembly, and the General Assembly is the supreme authority of the local.  The General Assembly meets at least twice per year, but also when the need arises, to discuss matters of importance and concern.  As the General Assembly the members may resolve any matter concerning the organization and internal functions of the local, choose members of all committees and the Auditors, appoint delegates and representatives of the Local, approve budgets, plans, and agreements, amend the Bylaws, and in general, take all the steps it feels are advisable to ensure the effective operation of the Local.  The General Assembly also decides whether to accept or reject proposed collective agreements, and decides upon pressure tactics and whether to strike.


If you have any questions or comments please contact TRAC at info@trac-union.ca.