Result of the September 14, 2016 ratification GA



- 100% approval for the RA's pay-grades 1% increase 

- 98% approval for the TA's pay-grades 1% increase 

- 98% approval for the TA's new pay-grade's structure


Thanks to all of those great delegates and active members who helped us in 2015-2016.
This achievement is yours! The union couldn't reach there, if it didn't have such an amazing support from you guys.

Thanks to all the Bargaining and Executive team of TRAC! All those tiring 8-hours meetings and strategy plans finally paid off.

And the last but not the least, thanks to all the members who joined our GA today and stayed right beside us to wrap up this section of TRAC together.

As we always say, the power of a union is the members. The union can do nothing without the membership support and no matter how hard the team works, a union without the membership support is like a tree with out the roots! It will fall down soon! Let's keep it as strong as it is, and make it even bigger and heavier.

Congrats to all TAs and RAs